Mockup of three devices, displaying different corporate design elements

Corporate Design „fietskurier“

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Corporate Design, Marketing

Project background

The company fietskurier is a fictitious cargo bike transport company, which I planned as part of my graphic design studies at the OfG School for Graphic Design as the basis for a corporate design. fietskurier embodies industry-standard characteristics such as being fast, flexible, and reliable. At the same time it stands out from competitors through its innovative and environmentally friendly orientation.

Personal contribution

The work process began with the conception of the fictitious company with a clear brand identity. In the course of this, I formulated a corporate identity and developed the name fietskurier (fiets is the Dutch word for bicycle). This process was followed by the design of various logo drafts and a corporate design crafted around the favored logo, including business stationery and various business-relevant mock-ups.


Three logo designs. The logo on the left hand side consists of a simplified illustration of a cyclist on a bike, with differently coloured parcels on the carrier. The logo in the center shows an envelope with two large circles around the bottom corners. The circles together with the diagonals of the envelope resemble a bike, giving the empression of an envelope on wheels. The last logo contains a pink and a green map marker icon, connected by chain links. Below all three logo icons one can read the name

Different logo designs for the fietskurier transport company. The logo on the left and the one in the center communicate the intended characteristics (fast, innovative) of the company particularly well.

stationary mockup: a letterhead, business card (front and back), a promotion flyer, two pencils and an envelope in the corporate design of fietskurier

Stationary Mockup: Examples for different applications for the developed corporate design.

image of a cargo bike with a huge transport box on the back of the bike. The visible outer wall of the box is designed according to the corporate design of the company. On a blue background, one can see the logo, a short description, a tag line and the website url. in the bottom right corner, an enlarged version of the inverted logo is shown bleed-off in such a way, that the actual back wheel appears to replace the circle of the logo.

Application of the logo and additional corporate design elements on a cargo bike. The mockup was based on a product photo provided by the cargo bike producer Radkutsche.

Two t-shirt logo mockups. On the left hand side one can see a white t-shirt with the actual logo printed on it. On the right hand side one can see a blue t-shirt with the inverted, white logo on it.

These mockups provide another example of how the brand communication could be implemented on the work clothing of the employees.