Mockup of three devices, displaying different parts of the report

3rd Sustainability Report
Universität Hamburg

About the project

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Universität Hamburg


Layout, Concept

Project background

Universität Hamburg is one of Germany's largest universities and, since 2019, a University of Excellence. Under the guiding principle "Innovating and Cooperating for a Sustainable Future", it pursues a whole-institution approach towards sustainability, which has been advanced on various levels over the past 10 years by the Center for a Sustainable University. As part of transparent sustainability reporting, the third sustainability report of Universität Hamburg was published in 2019. On about 160 pages it provides a broad overview of all sustainability-related activities and developments in the years 2015 to 2018.

Personal contribution

In addition to my involvement in the content concept and research for the report, I was responsible for the design concept and all layout work up to the final artwork for printing and optimization for an accessible digital version.



Replication of various output devices, each of which displays individual pages of the sustainability report

A large number of images, diagrams and tables illustrates the variety of sustainability activities at Universität Hamburg.